Sad State When Few In N.J. Want To Teach

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It was one of the most depressing headlines we’ve read lately – and also one of the scariest.

Who wants to be a teacher? Not many in N.J., study says.”

The accompanying story, summarizing findings from the ACT college entrance exam organization, noted that the number of high school students who want to become teachers is diminishing dramatically, both nationwide and in the Garden State.

Just 4 percent of nearly 2 million high school seniors who took the ACT last year said they hoped to enter the teaching field.… Read the rest

Unfazed by Christie Plan, Sweeney Pushes His Education Proposal

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Senate president looks for some Republican support, says he’s willing to go around governor if necessary

When Senate President Steve earlier this month proposed a new state commission to help solve New Jersey’s school-funding woes, it was the only viable plan on the table to address one of the state’s more complex and vexing issues.

But that all changed with a thump last week when Gov. Chris came back with his “Fairness Formula,” a proposal to amend the state constitution to provide all school districts — rich or poor — the same state funding per pupil.… Read the rest

Gov. Christie’s School-funding Plan: Bold Or Botched — Or Both?

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All students getting the same would be fine in the leafy suburbs, but poorer districts would end up hemorrhaging money — and teachers

It’s hard to say whether Gov. and his proposal yesterday to blow up the state’s school-funding formula for a simple everyone-gets-the-same plan is bold or delusional.

Almost Donald Trump-like in both concept and execution, the plan looks as if it is going nowhere fast — immediately drawing criticism and rebuke from who will in all likelihood control the outcome.

But it’s sure to garner headlines and a lot of talk, maybe that was ’s plan all along.

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What’s Next For N.J. Public Worker Pensions?

TRENTON With two major government worker pension court battles concluded, the next front in public workers’ fight for retirement benefits is a ballot question considering a constitutional amendment forcing the state to make annual contributions in the pension system.

The high court ruled last week that workers in the New Jersey Pension Fund are not entitled to cost-of-living adjustments to their . And almost a year ago, the court ruled the state couldn’t be forced to put money into the fund, prompting Democratic lawmakers and public worker advocates to pursue the amendment (A109).

In a statement following the COLA decision, , president of the New Jersey Education Association, said: “This despicable ruling reinforces the need to pass a constitutional amendment to require responsible pension funding.… Read the rest

NJEA: Yes, let’s get politics out of education

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Professional educators get great results in New Jersey

Gov. today criticized education in New Jersey as being “much too much about politics and much too little about results.” He got the first part of that statement right. The administration has politicized education to an alarming degree through divisive rhetoric, harmful policies and severe funding failures.  Despite the challenges created by those politically motivated attacks, however, New Jersey’s public schools continue to succeed.

“I don’t often agree with Gov. Christie, but he’s right that public education is too much about politics right now,” said NJEA President .… Read the rest